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The Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition (SCRC), established in 2009, is a collaborative effort to provide quality social services and youth programs that are accessible and safe and that recognize the dignity and worth of each person. We operate under the fiscal umbrella of the Shippensburg University Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our goal is to help community members reach their full potential. Our goals are met by partnering with existing organizations to either support expansion of their programs or working together to create new programs. We often serve as a catalyst in the community to identify needs and bring stakeholders together to assess next steps. Our programs are primarily operated by volunteers. The Community Health Mobilizer will focus on coalition building for systems change. Student internships will support existing SCRC services such as the Hound Packs program, Summer Lunch Program, and support groups. The first year of the project will focus on community assessment and the social determinants of health. Community mobilizers are key to community and system change. A community mobilizer is the person that helps activate and sustain collaboration. They build relationships with stakeholders, implement intervention strategies and policies for systems change, and promote community involvement.


Position Description: The Community Health Mobilizer, an independent contractor, will:

  • Work with health and human service providers in Franklin and Cumberland counties and within Shippensburg to coordinate efforts in meeting needs;

  • Form a coalition called Healthy Shippensburg that meets regularly to discuss the needs of Shippensburg residents and addresses social health determinants;

  • Update the SCRC community assessment, with an emphasis on client involvement and social determinants of health using the resources available through our partnership with Shippensburg University;

  • Develop programs to address unmet needs;

  • Expand resources through grant writing and volunteer recruitment;

  • Supervise interns who are in their professional field semester(s); train them to provide information and referral services to community members;

  • Collaborate with university faculty to develop research and service learning projects.


Requirements: Masters of Social Work degree plus at least two years of practice experience in the social services field. Acceptable child abuse, criminal history, FBI clearance, valid driver’s license, access to reliable transportation, and liability insurance required. Demonstrated skills related to community collaboration, supervision, program evaluation, and ability to meet deadlines and deliverables.


Application Instructions: Submit resume and cover letter via email to Dr. Liz Fisher, SCRC Chair, Review of applications begins on May 21, 2018 until the position is filled.


As a result of these activities, this contracted position will achieve:

  • An increase the number of underserved residents who have improved access to health and human services. The projection is that, in a given year, at least 100 people will benefit from the project;

  • An increase, by 25%, the number of partner programs that work together to share pertinent information on an ongoing basis about the health and human service needs;

  • A stronger relationship between the community and Shippensburg University; and

  • Completion of practicum experiences for at least two graduate-level social work students and two undergraduate social work students.

Contracted Position Announcement

Shippensburg Community Resource Coalition

Community Health Mobilizer

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