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Our Purpose and Objectives

  • ​To increase access to social services and counseling services.

  • To increase access to youth programming.

  • To partner with existing stakeholders such as the school district and Shippensburg University to meet educational and community needs.

​The SCRC was started in 2010 in response to the growing need to help residents find and utilize social services. Shippensburg falls between the counties of Franklin and Cumberland which means that services can be difficult for community members to access if the services extend to Shippensburg at all. The Resource Coalition has brought service providers and community members together since this time, with the aim of connecting clients with resources as well as developing programs to meet needs. 

The SCRC is a Shippensburg University Center For Excellence and serves as a "learning lab" for the university. Students, Faculty, and staff are involved in our work and have initiated many of our programs and services. We also provide a bridge for building community-university relationships. Whether you are on or off campus, contact us with your questions and ideas!

Racial Justice


Our Board of Directors

Liz Fisher, Chairperson

Professor, Dept. of Social Work and Gerontology Rep, Shippensburg University

Laurie Cella

Associate Professor, Dept. of English,

Shippensburg University

John Dyson

Broker of Record, Sailhamer Real Estate, Inc.

David Lindenmuth

Counselor, Shippensburg Area School District

Jennifer Hutchinson

Housing Specialist, Franklin & Fulton County HH/IDD/EI

Dorlisa Minnick

Associate Professor, Dept. of Social Work & Gerontology, Shippensburg University


Diana Nazario

Director, Branch Creek Place Senior Center

Beverly Shumay

Retired 2nd Grade Teacher,

Shippensburg First Church of God

Jaime Yingling

IDD Program Specialist, Cumberland & Perry County 

Our Financial Sponsors

The Resource Coalition receives financial support from a variety of financial partners, including the following:

PCDD Logo.png
American Legion 223 Logo.jpg
TFEC Logo.jpg
Naugle Foundation.JPG

Our Partners

CTC Plus Logo.png

The Resource Coalition partners with different agencies, businesses, and organizations based on individual programs that provide support in many ways such as volunteers and in-kind donations, including the following:

Ship Logo.jpg
SU Foundation Logo.png
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