School Youth Programs

The Healthy Decisions GroupTeen Leadership Club, and Grey Matter are offered during the school day, a collaborative effort between SCRC and the Shippensburg Area School District to help meet the needs of youth in our community. The Leaders-In-Training Camp is a day camp in the summer at Shippensburg University directed by SCRC staff. Our Community Youth Mobilizer coordinates these programs. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Healthy Decisions Group

​​This program is for students in the Shippensburg Area Middle School and High School having difficulty in the school setting.  The students meet once a week to work on different skills, such as communication and conflict resolution. School counselors and teachers can refer students to the program. Both the student and the parents have to agree and give permission for the student to participate.

Teen Leadership Club

The Teen Leadership Club is based out of Shippensburg Area Middle School and High School. It develops adolescents into empowered leaders.  Discussion topics are focused on: integrity, listening, and giving directions, examining stereotypes, communication, assertiveness, and other leadership skills.  The Teen Leadership group also participates in community service activities. Students portraying leadership skills are selected to participate by the school counselors.  If you have questions about the Middle School program, please contact Angie McKee: To learn more about the High School program, please contact us at

Leaders-In-Training Camp

Formerly called the Teen Leadership Camp, Leaders-in-Training Camp helps students develop the essential skills that create leaders such as positive peer role modeling, problem-solving skills, active listening skills, and interpersonal management skills. Youth must be registered to participate. The 2020 Newsletter for Leaders-In-Training Camp is included below, as well as the 2019 Camp video. Watch our website and Facebook page for upcoming information about our 2021 Leaders-In-Training Camp held at Shippensburg University.

Grey Matter

The Grey Matter program is a free, six-week school-based prevention program for Shippensburg Area Senior High School (SASHS) students showing a lack of motivation, sadness, or irritability. Group sessions include building group trust, increasing participant involvement in fun activities, learning and practicing new ways of thinking, and developing plans to respond to life stressors. The program began offering groups in January 2021 and will run in-person at SASHS, groups will be offered day, afternoon, and/ or evening depending on the format. If you attend the Newburg Community Classroom, Grey Matter will be held in-person on Wednesdays at the Community Classroom. If you have questions please contact our Community Youth Mobilizer at and (717) 477-9100. Registration is required to participate in the program.

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*The program is formally called The Blues Program by program creators. We were granted permission to rename the program ourselves.


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