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Healthy Shippensburg


The purpose of Healthy Shippensburg is “to help community members reach their full potential by strengthening health and social services related to the ways that home, school, workplace, neighborhood, and community factors impact one's health. This work includes a reduction in risk factors related to youth substance use and social, emotional, and physical health in order to increase youth resiliency.”

Healthy Shippensburg includes the Healthy Shippensburg Coalition which is a group of community members, business owners, and health and human service providers. The coalition will work to implement new programs, policies, and/or procedures in the community to help break down identified barriers and fill in the gaps in services to increase the overall well-being of Shippensburg residents. This is a task-oriented group and anyone who lives, plays, works, or worships in the Shippensburg community is welcome to join! The coalition identified four areas of focus based on the community assessment:

  1. Affordable, quality housing

  2. Access to affordable behavioral health services (includes mental health and drug and alcohol)

  3. Lack of consistent and reliable transportation

  4. Youth resiliency


Jami Burkett, MSW, is the SCRC Coordinator. She collaborates with community members, agencies, and businesses and facilitates the Healthy Shippensburg Coalition. She also provides guidance to the task groups to help them reach their goals. If you would like more information about the project or the Coalition, you can reach Jami at 717-477-1961 or by email:


Get Involved!

Join the Healthy Shippensburg Coalition and get involved in one of the task groups:

  1. Housing: All residents of the greater Shippensburg community will have access to stable, affordable housing.

  2. Behavioral Health: Enhance awareness of and reduce barriers to mental health and substance use services.

  3. Transportation: Increase transportation opportunities in the community and reduce transportation barriers to accessing services.

  4. Youth: The youth task group is continuing with the Communities That Care model that SCRC and the Shippensburg community started in 2018. Using the PA Youth Survey data, we identified the following areas of focus: Parental attitudes favorable to anti-social behavior such as drug and alcohol use; Depressive symptoms, and; Community recognition of pro-social behavior 


The Healthy Shippensburg Coalition meets quarterly on the 2nd Thursday of the month via Zoom. Please join us at any time! Everyone is welcome! We alternate general Coalition meetings and task group meetings. Task groups plan events to help them reach their goals. The Zoom information for our meetings is:

If you would like to get involved in the Healthy Shippensburg Coalition or support us in another way, please contact the SCRC Coordinator, at


While this project is currently funded by the Drug Free Communities of CDC, we can always use financial support to continue the work of Healthy Shippensburg. If you would like to contribute financially, please donate through the following link and write "Healthy Shippensburg" in the memo.


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